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Do you know the ins and outs of your homeowners insurance policy? Many standard policies cover damage caused by strong winds associated with tornadoes and hurricanes, but this coverage may be capped. Or, the coverage may protect your home's structure but not your belongings inside. READ MORE >>

Most people purchase homeowners insurance because the mortgage lender requires it. While you may be aware of how homeowners insurance can benefit you, do you know what your policy excludes? Standard Homeowners Insurance Does Not Cover Flood Damage There is a general rule of thumb about coverage for water damage to your home. READ MORE >>

Even though it's warm outside, you should think about bundling up — when it comes to auto insurance. Bundling is simply the process by which we combine our auto insurance with our homeowners or renters insurance. Life insurance may also be added to the mix in many cases. READ MORE >>

While some floods are unexpected, others can be predicted, giving you time to plan ahead and prepare for the worst. Taking these precautionary steps before a flood strikes can significantly reduce the time, effort and money you’ll need to put into cleanup efforts; not to mention, you can save your most treasured possessions. READ MORE >>

The leaves begin to fall and the wind picks up a howl. Halloween approaches, when the ghosts and goblins prowl.Halloween is a favorite time for many individuals, children and adults alike. However, with the festivities and tasty treats comes risk as well. Follow these simple safety precautions to keep your children safe on All Hallows Eve. READ MORE >>

As insurance professionals we’re honored to be able to be there when tragedy strikes. Fire, lightning, explosions, tornadoes, hurricanes – when these unexpected events wreak havoc it’s our privilege to help restore people’s homes and possessions. READ MORE >>

The knowledge that your home is protected against loss through a home insurance policy will probably give you peace of mind. However, have you ever taken the time to read the small print of your contract? How certain are you that your personal possessions are adequately covered in the event of theft or a natural disaster? READ MORE >>

Insurance companies often offer something called a multi-policy discount. This is where you purchase auto and home insurance from the same company, and get a discount for it. Here are 5 other tips on how to save money when purchasing insurance: READ MORE >>

 Car insurance is a crucial and major part of any insurance budget. Many different things can cause the rates to fluctuate. These variables cannot necessarily be contained by the insured party but there are some courses of action that the consumer can take to keep their policy affordable without losing a lot in protection. READ MORE >>

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