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While some floods are unexpected, others can be predicted, giving you time to plan ahead and prepare for the worst. Taking these precautionary steps before a flood strikes can significantly reduce the time, effort and money you’ll need to put into cleanup efforts; not to mention, you can save your most treasured possessions. READ MORE >>

You may already store an emergency supply kit, including first aid materials, in the trunk of your car, but some items should be within reach for convenience. Your glove box has limited space, which is why our list only contains five items. However, placing these five items in your glove box can help you out of an unexpected jam. READ MORE >>

In today’s technological age, cyber breaches are becoming big risks for businesses. If a new installation corrupts your customer database or a hacker gains access to customer credit files, the impending damage control and lawsuits can easily add up to exceed six figures, risking the financial stability of your entire business. READ MORE >>

The leaves begin to fall and the wind picks up a howl. Halloween approaches, when the ghosts and goblins prowl.Halloween is a favorite time for many individuals, children and adults alike. However, with the festivities and tasty treats comes risk as well. Follow these simple safety precautions to keep your children safe on All Hallows Eve. READ MORE >>

Most individuals think of themselves as good drivers, but sadly, this doesn’t prevent them from being involved in an auto accident. In fact, research in the insurance industry shows that the average driver will have to file an auto accident claim once every 19 years. READ MORE >>

As insurance professionals we’re honored to be able to be there when tragedy strikes. Fire, lightning, explosions, tornadoes, hurricanes – when these unexpected events wreak havoc it’s our privilege to help restore people’s homes and possessions. READ MORE >>

Starting a new business in the current economic climate requires extensive planning and thought. Business owners should not lose sight of the fact that things could, and probably will, go wrong along the way. While the ebb and flow of financial success is an inevitable part of any modern business, it is important to prepare contingency plans. READ MORE >>

For most of us there will come a time when we need to rent a car. There are a number of reasons people rent cars, as well as a number of vehicle options and rental car companies all vying for your business.  However, once these decisions have been made, there is still one final question to be answered:  Do I need car rental insurance? READ MORE >>

When people talk about car insurance, a lot of the time you will hear the topic of car insurance deductibles.  However for the most part, what they mean by “deductible” remains a mystery.  So today let’s tackle the not-so-mysterious world of car insurance deductibles. READ MORE >>

So your teen is ready to drive, and your anxiety is completely understandable.  Car insurance for teenagers can be very expensive because of their inexperience behind the wheel and their high accident rates. READ MORE >>

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